Pagali Hotel (Agritourist Center), Amorgos, Cyclades Islands, Greece Pagali Hotel (Agritourist Center), Amorgos, Cyclades Islands, Greece


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Alternative Tourism

Alternative Tourism Holidays in Greece, Agritourism Holidays in Amorgos

If you are searching for alternative ways of spending your vacation, Amorgos Greece is the ideal place. With a growing agrotourism industry, Amorgos Greece has become one of the preferred alternative holiday spots.

Amorgos is a tranquil island with a mystical aura, rendering it a wonderful vacation spot for people who wish to expand their horizons. It possesses paths and hidden nooks and crannies where one can take a nature walk or explore the countryside looking for herbs that have therapeutic properties, which are abundant on the island. Apart from nature walks, outdoor sports such as climbing and mountain biking are popular alternative tourism activities in Amorgos Greece.

At the Pagali Amorgos Alternative Tourism Holiday Hotel, guests can participate in the following outdoor and agrotourism activities:

  • Farming, including grape-harvesting and wine-making, olive-harvesting and oil-making, and organic cultivation of seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Path-walking, including sightseeing to monasteries, archaeological monuments and traditional villages, as well as extreme walking sessions for avid walkers (difficult and long paths). Visits to the old metal works and the Amorgos forest are such walking sessions.
  • Day-trip and picnic in Nikouria, a small island opposite Amorgos. The trip includes transport by boat, meal preparation and lunch on the sandy beach, fishing, and water sports.
  • Rock-climbing, using 50 cleared climbing routes located on the mountain opposite Langada. The Pagali Amorgos Agrotourism Hotel also supplies guests with equipment for clearing new climbing routes.
  • Voluntary work to offer your help for various seasonal activities, such as grape-harvesting, olive-harvesting and other farming activities. You will not only come closer to nature but you will also take pleasure in voluntary work. Voluntary work is rewarded with accommodation and meals. Contact us for more information.